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Gary Numan at 53Degrees, Preston

gary-numan  370x200After rising to fame in 1978 as the first ever 'synthesizer star' with Tubeway Army, Numan topped the UK Charts with 'Are Friends Electric?' and 'Cars', and achieved 3 amazing successive number one albums. Numan has continued to mine a rich artistic vein with heavy, electronic rock albums such as 'Pure' and 'Hybrid'.

Following on from the success of the 'Splinter' tour, Gary Numan makes a triumphant return to the UK in this - one of only a handful of headline shows this year. It's been a fantastic 12 months for Numan, who released his first self-penned album since 'Jagged' in 2006 to both critical acclaim and Top 20 chart success.

Numan's unique style continues to connect with fans from the worlds of Electro, HipHop, EDM, Industrial, Indie and Metal, whilst he remains as focussed as ever in pursuing his own singular vision.

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