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LLoyd Cole hits St Helens Citadel with NEW album !

Lloyd Cole One of the most literate, emotive and witty musicians of his generation, Lloyd Cole burst onto the indie scene with the Commotions in the mid-80s and stormed the charts with hits such as Rattlesnakes, Perfect Skin and Lost Weekend.

He's explored many musical genres over the years, most recently releasing the experimental Selected Studies Vol 1 of ambient electronica. He now records and tours solo, based out of his home in Massachusetts.

His eagerly awaited new album Standards is due out this summer, which Cole describes as sounding 'like T.Rex or Led Zep playing Willie Nelson and Roy Orbison tunes'.

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"Album of the Month! 4.5/5 Stars"

Praise for Lloyd Cole's recent album 'Broken Record': - Rolling Stone (Germany)