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Sex Pistols Experience The Sex Pistols Experience are The Worlds No.1 professional tribute to the most outrageous & controversial band of all time. From their early beginnings performing pubs & clubs around England, they went on to make Worldwide reputation built from over 1,000+ performances.

So convincing is the live show that the BBC, Sky TV, Channel4, Fox TV (in the U.S.) & lately the new movie 'Who Killed Nancy?' have all hired this band for re-enactments in film & T.V documentaries as the Sex Pistols/Sid & Nancy.

The Sex Pistols Experience are the only band to have had the thumbs-up of approval from the original Sex Pistols. Whilst on tour in America they were invited as 'special guests' on 'Jonesys Jukebox' - the acclaimed radio show of Pistols guitarist Steve Jones. Spending the afternoon being interviewed & playing a few Pistols favourites live on air together to million's of listeners throughout Los Angeles & across the Worldwide web!

If you're a Sex Pistols fan, this then this is the only worthwhile alternative. See this band live and you'll walk away wondering whether you were seeing & hearing things, Sid Vicious is still alive, Johnny Rotten is at his best, the spirit of '77 lives on, & the Swindle continues, you've just seen the The Sex pistols Experience!

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